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Abuse a Rainbow, Go to Prism

September 17th 2014 11:33
Rainbow Abuse 12/13/14

12/13/14 Abused Rainbows

Rainbow Vibration

Flushing A Rainbow

Rainbow Eye


Designated Nazi

September 16th 2014 11:41
Rainbow Storm 12/13/14

I was thinking about what kinds of people get put on an American football team these daze and and realized that I was going about it all wrong. They don't pick people by athletic skill. They pick people with criminal skills. It all makes sense now.

There is the Designated Nazi. He is paid to make racist remarks about anyone or everyone who is not a member of his race.

There is the Designated Wife Beater. His answer to the question: When did you stop beating your wife is: Never.

Designated Child Abuser. God only knows what moral degenerate NFL team would want him but apparently they do. Most of us think that if there's scars and blood on that kid daddy needs to go to jail but in football, your hired!

Designated Felon. You don't even have to be an ex-felon, but it helps. You could be someone who has an ongoing criminal enterprise but you haven't gotten caught yet.

Designated Felon in Training . A Designated Thug who was present at the killing of at least one human being is a widely sought, and highly coveted candidate for Felon in Training. Not all human beings will kill another just to get into the club.

Add to the criminals who populate the teams the constant concussions (there's a concussion on every play--it's designed that way) and other life altering and debilitating injuries, and it's difficult to see how this "sport" is going to last another 20 years.

Moreover, there are more kids playing soccer than football so it's only a matter or time. I hear soccer has hooligans, is very corrupt and even has concussions so it should be a worth successor to American Football!


Hello Kitty is Not a Cat

September 15th 2014 14:05

Hello Kitty Punisher

Hello Kitty

Apparently Hello Kitty is some kind of pre-teen mutant ninja human. Or something...

Mutant Albino British human!

That's not a pussy cat


Stop Telling The Truth Charles Barkley

September 15th 2014 13:44

Hello Kitty Beer

September 14th 2014 20:47

Bathing in Beer

September 14th 2014 20:04

Rainbows All the Way Down

September 12th 2014 13:15

Google Hacked?

September 11th 2014 11:45

The Squirming of Rainbow Worms

September 10th 2014 21:50

You Have to Be A Gay Atheist

September 10th 2014 14:20

My first impression is that the story must be fake. We are under the pall of Obamunism, surely anything that remotely smacks of being anti-Christian would be hailed as the bravest thing ever! But just in case it isn't a hoax

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