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2013 Predictions, Prophecies and Prognostications

December 24th 2012 01:10

1) A plague of miniature poison frogs will overrun a middle eastern nation and kill every inhabitant. Each frog will be smaller than a dime.

2) A race of immortal, laboratory created super mice will escape from a lab and kill every living thing in a despotic Asian nation.

3) Scientists will discover a means to not only counteract the powers of the mini frogs and super mice to but to also turn them both into nutritious bite sized snacks!

4) Every form of anti-global warming technology known to science is triggered simultaneously. Each of the effects of the various anti-warming technologies builds on the others plunging the earth into an ice age for 10,000 years and killing 4.5 billion people.

5) The first indication that thought control has already been achieved will occur when a teenager breaks into his father's briefcase and steals a prototype. The brilliant teenager will at first use the tech to get all the hot chicks at school. The teenager will finally be caught when he destroys his own brain by putting his pleasure centers in a feedback loop--just like he saw in a movie once--and giving himself the greatest high that a human can get and live--briefly.

6) A group of renegade government scientists leak the proof that all the drug traffic in the world is being sanctioned by all the governments in the world. The scientist do this with sensors implanted in their smart phones. The smart phones of people all over the world act as drug sniffing sensors that can track where the drugs are coming in and where they care going. Overlaying government police activities over the movement of the drugs proves that the governments are providing an official escort for the drugs.

After the various anarchist organization leak the information, the governments of the world use even more sophisticated technology to find the rogue scientists and kill them all.

7) A middle eastern nation will successfully thwart an attack on itself by hiding an entire mountain range for one full hour via new and sophisticated cloaking technologies. This of course was not the entire story since instruments, maps, and even memory might enable an attacking force to still win. However, the "victim" nation revealed even more high technology by causing fake mountain ranges to spring into being. Every attack vehicle either ran off a ravine and killed all occupants or in the case of aircraft, flew into a mountain killing the pilots.

8) A group of scientists prove that cannibalizing specially treated human flesh gives the eaters immortality. A nation of flesh eating zombies is born.

9) The government of a modern western nation is found to be feeding all of it's citizens mind and mood altering drugs through the water system. When horrified surrounding nations demand that the practice be stopped, the drugged citizens riot breech international borders and attack their neighbors. It was later discovered that the attack was government induced.

10) Another nation drugs all it citizens too. All crime disappears. All disease disappears. The citizens develop telepathy. The nation becomes economically and energy independent because they become the world's first successfully closed system. They literally either recycle or in some case consume their own waste. The waste is heavily treated of course. All of the citizens become immortal. Citizens of neighboring nations riot and demand to be immortal garbage eaters.

11) Using an advanced prototype of a 3D printer, a poor nation prints enough weapons and ammo to defeat it's even poorer neighbor and take all their stuff.

12) The thoughts of all of the citizens of a despotic nation become controlled by their crazed leader. He has his people build monuments to their great leader day and night. Although the all of the citizens actions are controlled, it amuses the beloved leader to allow some freedom of thought. He spends his days ferreting out people who have errant thoughts against him and torturing them to death. Everyone has to have a hobby.

13) A desert nation will become energy independent and even export energy to other nations by converting light and heat into electricity with 50% efficiency.


2013 DoomCember Dreams, Predictions, Prophesies, and Scientific Fantasies

Deviant Futures


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